Here's some useful tips to own your ADHD

 If you don't like something fınd a way to make ıt ınterestıng

         In our daily lives we find so many things boring  such as studying, cleaning your room or even talking to your friends. These are very common in our society. However, if you have ADHD completing your tasks may become hard as hell for you. If you can't focus on a task than you should change the way you look at it.

Here's an example:

      Lets say that you hate doing your math homework because it's hard and boring for you. As a kid with ADHD you just can't focus. So, you drop your pencil and try to find a different way to do your homework. You know that your brain works differently than normal kids. You kind of have a superpower switch. If  you turn it on you can activate the hyperfocus mode by finding something you like to do. Lets say that you like to play the guitar. What you should do is mix the task that  you don't like to do with the one you like. You basically do your homework and play the guitar at the same time. This may be abnormal for normal people but not people like us.

Try to dıvıde your work ınto tıme ıntervals

               When you start doing a task you get distracted easily and you say " I should have a break for  10 minutes". After 10 minutes you say " 5 more minutes won't hurt". So you have a break for hours. This happens to all people who have ADHD. Dividing a task to time intervals can fix this problem. You basically set up an alarm for each interval. When you hear the sound of the alarm you'll remember to continue doing your task. A fun way to do this is giving different alarm tones to each task. For example you hear a barking dog sound and that means you have to finish your homework. Be ware if you do this you may start doing your homework in a dog park :)


The last tıp ıs to never hıde your adhd


      ADHD is a part of  your life.  It determines who you really are. So you should never feel insecure about it. If other people make fun of you, make them jealous by showing your superpowers to them.